Gear Up for Fall

It’s time to meet your FIG!

Finding the Way to Your FIG During IntroDUCKtion

With IntroDUCKtion beginning with our first session on July 11th, here is all you need to know about how to sign up for a FIG!

Your IntroDUCKtion session will be split into two days. During Day One, you can come find our table during lunch on Pioneer Mother Lawn. We will have updated information with all the FIGs that are currently open and can tell you all about any that you may be interested in. Keep in mind that FIGs will switch between being open and closed throughout each IntroDUCKtion, so which FIGs are open will change between each IntroDUCKtion session.

Open FIGs For Hawaii Introducktion!

With the 2016 Introducktion Hawaii session beginning on July 7th, students will have plenty of options of open FIGs to choose from!

To add or change a FIG, call our office at 541-346-1131. As of the start of the session, all of the following FIGs had one or more openings. Openings can change quickly though, so be sure to call us for up to date information and to find the FIG for you!

First-Year Student Josh Silva’s Series of Campus Connections

When freshman Josh Silva met me in the newly renovated EMU to talk about his experiences in the “Risky Business” First-Year Interest Group (FIG), he was coming from a midterm exam in Professor Mike Urbancic’s Macroeconomics (EC) 202 class.

A World of Opportunity in Three Open FIGs!

Looking to work in Public Relations, Non-Profit Management, International Business, or anything else that connects with regions outside the US? Interested in getting on the path to study abroad bearly in your college career? Check out three of our remaining open FIGs, all of which focus on regions outside the US and all of which will let you start your first year by learning about something new!


FIG Program taking applications for Student Coordinator Position for 2016-2017!

The FIG Program is now taking applications fot the Student Coordinator office position! More information on the position can be found here, and the application packet can be found here.

What to Know for FIG Registration

Worried about being prepared for the upcoming FIG Registration on Duckweb? We're here to help!  Consider this a checklist of what you need to know to be prepared to register for your FIG.

Registration opens May 16th at 4:00 pm Pacific and will close by June 10th (or when FIGs fill.)

Big FIG Book Now Available Online!

Our Big FIG book is now accessible online! It can be found righthere ready for you to use to learn about FIGs, and get on the path to choosing the FIG for you.

FIGs a la Carte! How We Have a FIG for Every Taste

Trying to figure out what FIG to choose? We know the decision can be difficult, especially since we offer over 50 FIGs!

Featured FIGs: World Theater, World Within Us, and Yalla Arabia!

These three featured FIGS are part of the broader FIG offerings for fall of 2016. To see the full list please visit the Finding the FIG For You page.