Advantages of Taking a FIG

Adjustment to campus: Due to the FIG structure, we have found that students enrolled in FIGs are better able to adjust socially and academically to the shift from high school to the UO. The faculty member and FIG Assistant are there to support this shift and facilitate the FIG experience to incorporate interdisciplinary material, social outings, and exposure to the variety of campus resources that we have found effective in helping first-year students. 

Access to Resources: Being in a FIG also means having easy access to the resources you need to succeed. Students work with their FIG Assistant and FIG Faculty to create a plan for their schedules, ensuring they find a path to completing their general education requirement and the requirements for their major.

For students, this means being able to fit in all the things they want to do, and still get done on time. Being in a FIG means having help to find a way to fit in study abroad, internships, club involvement, and all the great classes you want to take while on campus.

Connections to Faculty: One unique benefit of joining a FIG is direct contact with a faculty member in your first term on campus. Many students go through their first two years of college without ever talking to a professor face-to-face. This becomes an issue later on when jobs, scholarships, internships, etc. require letters of recommendation from professors.

The FIG offers a great chance to meet a professor and get to know them as a person, not just as a teacher responsible for giving grades. In the 2016 academic year, about 98% of FIG students felt that they connected with their FIG professor. These relationships often continue throughout students’ entire college careers, as faculty members become not just mentors but friends as well!