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FYP Student Jobs

There are many student job opportunities for undergraduates to get involved with First-Year Programs.  Some positions are only a term long, while other positions last a full academic year. For more information about the positions available, please contact or 541-346-2896.

FIG Assistant (FA)

The FA position offers exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to be leaders and mentors to first-year students participating in a FIG.  FAs assist College Connections faculty in the development, planning and instruction of the course.  FAs organize educational and social activities to better acquaint their students with each other, faculty members, and the University. These activities may include library orientation, study groups, lunch with a professor, field trips, and more.  This is a Fall Term Only Position.


Sophomore standing or higher, minimum 3.2 GPA, and successful completion (B or higher) in at least one of the courses offered in a FIG. This position requires flexibility, strong communication and organizational skills, and the ability to work both independently and within groups.

FA Daniela Leo cooks Brazillian food with the Vamos la Brasil! FIG.


FAs will be paid $750 fall term for an average of 6 hours per week in fall term.

We will begin accepting applications for 2015-16 FAs at the beginning of Winter term. Please check about at that time or call our office for more information.

Please contact the First-Year Programs Coordinator with any questions: or 541-346-2896


Christine Liu

737608_10151432838743968_1726803051_o“The FIG Assistant position has presented me with eye-opening opportunities and unrivaled support. I learned how to teach alongside a faculty member in my favorite subject, an opportunity that few undergraduates have. Furthermore, my appreciation for other professors and teaching styles grew as a result of my experience and my perspective of college education has evolved. I have also met wonderful people through my time as an FA. My students, peers, and supervisors are some of the most inspiring and awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Being an FA is an opportunity I recommend for anyone interested in teaching, mentorship, self-improvement, and helping others.” -Christine


Dillon Pilorget

“Being an FA has been a challenging and rewarding endeavor. I had a  blast teaching and learning with my FIG students, and being a mentor and  friend to them has been a blast! Taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the  movie theater and watching “The Muppets” was definitely the highlight of  the FIG. We also played a live action game of “The Wire,” the TV show my  FIG is based on.” -Dillon


Opher Kornfeld

“My favorite moment as an FA would be my solo lecture during one of the college connections classes. I got the chance to present a lesson guiding students through my research at the University of Oregon, the benefits of undergraduate research, and how students could get involved. After that lecture, I realized that sharing my expertise and research with students in a classroom basis is something I would like to do for the rest of my life. Among the many aspects of the FIG program, teaching is the one that I enjoy the most as it is challenging, entertaining, and extremely rewarding. Becoming and FA offered me the rare opportunity to teach, as an undergraduate, in conjunction with a faculty member at the college level, which I would have never come across otherwise.”–Opher


Amanda Lyche

“The Residential FIG Assistaamandant position is a unique pairing of leadership in the classroom with leadership in the residence halls. This dichotomy has allowed me to experience well-rounded growth as a mentor to first year students. My experience was truly ideal: I worked with a fantastic professor to lead the FIG course, and I was surrounded by an outstanding group of individuals living in the residence halls. It was a heavy time commitment to add on to my academics, but every aspect of this job was far more fulfilling than I anticipated and made the time investment entirely worthwhile.” -Amanda


First-Year Programs Student Coordinator

The STUDENT COORDINATOR works collaboratively with the program director and staff, and is responsible for assisting with the daily administration of First-Year Programs.  Clerical, administration, and design tasks are a major component of this position. Other responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the screening and selection of FIG Assistants, assisting in preparation for the annual FIG Banquet and annual FIG Faculty meetings, helping to plan and facilitate the FIG Assistant Leadership class, representing First-Year Programs at IntroDUCKtion, Week of Welcome, and various orientation events.


The successful applicant will demonstrate strong organizational and writing skills, a professional work ethic and experience in public speaking, mature communication skills and ability to work with a diverse population.  Familiarity with First-Year Programs and the FIG Assistant position is required.

Previous experience in program management or leadership is a plus.  Knowledge of computers and software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe is helpful.


The student coordinator will be paid $10.50 per hour and work an average of 10-12 hours per week.  Student Coordinators must be able to work with First-Year Programs in the summer.

We are not currently hiring for this position.

Please contact the First-Year Programs Coordinator with any questions: or 541-346-2896.

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