Featured FIGs: Portable Life Museum, ®emixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture, Rock 'n' Physics

These three featured FIGS are part of the broader FIG offerings for fall of 2017. To see the full list please visit the Finding the FIG For You page.

Portable Life Museum explores art worlds and intersectionalities of personal and cultural identity through creative journaling, discussions around course readings, and developing a body of work that moves you forward in your academic and personal writing, reflective and critical analysis skills, and tools for creative process and research.

®emixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture explores how the appropriation, parody, and remixing of media texts (images, ads, music, video, etc) can be a powerful form of cultural critique. Not only will we look at the culture jamming movements of the past and present, but we will apply these concepts and aesthetics to create our own works that turn the media and its messages against itself. At the end of the term we will showcase these works at our own art show/exhibit that we curate and promote as a way of highlighting the practical value of fair use within creative communities.

Classes in Rock n Physics: MUS 264 (Rock History, 1950-1970), PHYS 152 (Physics of Sound and Music), and PHYS 199 (College Connections).

The FIG covers the influences changes in technology had and still have on rock n roll and modern day music. Rock 'n' Physicas has been taught tfor many years and it has been well received by first year students considering becoming music or science majors.