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FYP Student Jobs

There are many student job opportunities for undergraduates to get involved with First-Year Programs.  Some positions are only a term long, while other positions last a full academic year. For more information about the positions available, please contact or 541-346-2896.

FIG Assistant (FA)

Work with FYP_Picture from IntroDUCKtion 2015The FA position offers exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to be leaders and mentors to first-year students participating in a FIG.  FAs assist College Connections faculty in the development, planning and instruction of the course.  FAs organize educational and social activities to better acquaint their students with each other, faculty members, and the University. These activities may include library orientation, study groups, lunch with a professor, field trips, and more.  This is a Fall Term Only Position.


Sophomore standing or higher, minimum 3.2 GPA, and successful completion (B or higher) in at least one of the courses offered in a FIG. This position requires flexibility, strong communication and organizational skills, and the ability to work both independently and within groups.

FA Daniela Leo cooks Brazillian food with the Vamos lá Brasil! FIG and faculty member Simone DaSilva.


FAs will be paid $750 fall term for an average of 6 hours per week in fall term.

Please contact the First-Year Programs Coordinator with any questions: or 541-346-2896




Rose Lombino

Rose Lombino

“I was the FA for Stories We Tell. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Professor Michael Stern for two years. Being an FA is more than just being an assistant for a college connections class. You get to make connections with the students you are working with and be one of the first people that shows them just how awesome the University of Oregon is. My favorite part about being an FA is being plugged in to a wonderful academic community. Being a part of the FYP family means always having the support you need to introduce your students to all of the resources that make being a student here so wonderful.” -Rose




Jessica Thorson

Jessica Thorson“Everything about the FA experience has been so much fun! I almost don’t want to graduate so I can stick around one more year. But I am so thankful for those two years, and every experience they brought along with them. I enjoy being an adviser and mentor for First-Year students and celebrating the start of college with them! Fall quarter freshmen have enthusiasm unlike any other college student I’ve ever met. I love being there with them, helping them, so that college can be the best experience possible. It is certainly an adjustment for each student, but that’s why being the person they can go to with anything is such an amazing responsibility. My favorite memory of all time was the last class of my first year being an FA and it was snowing out! Before class started my FIG students invited me outside to play in the snow with them. I had already removed all my jackets, scarf, gloves, hat… but I accepted because I love the snow. Little did I know, but as soon as I got outside, they bombarded me with snowballs. I loved the community my FIG had become.” -Jessica


Timmy Thomas

Timmy Thomas

“The FA experience was so much more rewarding than I could have expected when I initially accepted the job. It is by far the most fun I’ve had in a “work” environment, and working with fellow students is extremely valuable both in developing important skills for future employment and in making an actual impact on campus. I’ll never forget when my entire class yelled out “Thank you!!” to my FIG Professor and myself at the end of our last class together. It’s a truly fun work experience and I’d encourage anyone with a passion for teaching or for any specific subject matter to try to be a FA and make a positive contribution to the UO.” -Timmy


Inanna Hencke

Inanna Hencke“What I love most about working as a Residential FIG Assistant is being able to witness the difference I make in my student’s first-year experience. By living with my students in the Residence Halls, I can see the way that their community is forming within the classroom, as well as without. There is nothing quite as satisfying as hearing my students laughing, chatting, and working with one another, all thanks to the connections the FIG helped them to form!
Another great part of the FA Position is the potential for creativity. It was a welcome challenge coming up with ways to help my students feel more comfortable with each other and with University life. We did all kinds of fun things together, such as having a meal with our faculty members, exploring the Saturday Market and Voodoo Donuts, attending music performances, and even getting a backstage look at the Eugene Symphony.” -Inanna

 Desmond Harvey

Casey Paoli Minter

“My favorite event this year was the UO Hip-Hop Jam. The event was a celebration of Hip-Hop culture and included performances by emcees, DJs, producers, b-boys/dance crews, and live

painting. The students helped plan, promote, and even performed at the event as a part of the connections course. What I enjoy most about being an FA is seeing and helping my students grow as students.”-Desmond


Breanne Schnell

Breanne Schnell

“My favorite part about being an FA is that I am paid to connect with awesome people. It isn’t in every job where you can go to a corn maze and the movie theater, and consider it work!” -Breanne






Sasha Chang

Sasha Chang

“My favorite event with my FIG is going to Prince Puckler’s to celebrate our CC professor’s birthday! What I enjoy most about being an FA is returning, and being able to learn from my past experiences and making each year better than the next. Being an FA has shaped my college experience in multiple ways, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that have come from this job!” -Sasha




First-Year Programs Student Coordinator

The STUDENT COORDINATOR works collaboratively with the program director and staff, and is responsible for assisting with the daily administration of First-Year Programs.  Clerical, administration, and design tasks are a major component of this position. Other responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the screening and selection of FIG Assistants, assisting in preparation for the annual FIG Banquet and annual FIG Faculty meetings, helping to plan and facilitate the FIG Assistant Leadership class, representing First-Year Programs at IntroDUCKtion, Week of Welcome, and various orientation events.


The successful applicant will demonstrate strong organizational and writing skills, a professional work ethic and experience in public speaking, mature communication skills and ability to work with a diverse population.  Familiarity with First-Year Programs and the FIG Assistant position is strongly preferred.

Previous experience in program management or leadership is a plus.  Knowledge of computers and software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe is helpful.


The student coordinator will be paid $10.50 per hour and work an average of 10-12 hours per week.

FYP is currently looking to fill three open Student Coordinator positions. Deadline is 5pm Friday, May 29th.

FYP Student Coordinator Application 2015

Please contact the First-Year Programs Coordinator with any questions: or 541-346-2896.